Enterprise Modernisation

Our Enterprise Modernization is a state-of-the-art solution which helps customers who are running legacy green-screen based systems such as AS/400, MVS, VSE, Z/OS, Unix or Linux applications. These systems are traditionally transactional systems which are deeply rooted and have been heavily invested in terms of hardware and software. Furthermore, these systems are proven and stable to support the current business. The option of replacing these systems may not be viable because of opportunity cost, higher risk and heavy investment when moving to new systems.

Therefore, Vision IT rolled out a solution for customers who want to modernize their legacy systems without impacting opportunity cost, without the need to invest heavily, and with minimal risk. The Enterprise Modernization is able to help customers to quickly transform cumbersome green-screens to modern web-based screens without changing any code. The transformation can be done within days compared to other solutions which may take months. Additionally, it does not change or impact any of the current business rules. Instead, it can actually build new rules and validation engines on the new web-based screens.

Besides being web-based, Enterprise Modernization can also help customers extend their current legacy systems to Service Oriented Architecture. This means the legacy systems are now able to integrate easily with other new systems and would no longer be sitting as a silo-ed system which operates on its own.

Our Enterprise Modernization solution is easy to use and easy to implement. Our typical engagement ranges from several weeks up to 3 months depending on the number of screens, customization and integration required.


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